SUBJECT: Robotics
AGES: High school
LOCATION: Worldwide
REQUIREMENTS: A computer with internet, and enthusiasm!

Equipment schools receive:

  • BOE-Bots robotics kits + GPS modules, CMU cameras, motors, accelerometers, solar panels and extra sensors, plus video conferencing equipment.

About Terrabotic

The Terrabotic project is a robotics project for high school students. Schools receive a class set of robotics kits (view) and learn simultaneously with their peers around the world about robotics, programming and engineering. School participate in challenges, both competion and collaboration and receive advice from renowned roboticists through a blog and video conferencing platform.

Who is the project for?

The project is for 9th-10th grade robotics classes.

How does the program work?

If your application to participate is successful, Science House Foundation will send a set of robotics kits to your school (generally 15 kits, one per 2 students) with which to participate in the program. The program can be run as a one semester or full year course, depending on the timetabling of your school. We encourage classes to participate for the whole year.

Join the project

Teachers of 9th and 10th grade classes are encouraged to apply. The Terrabotic program is entirely free to participating schools – all that is required is a computer and an internet connection. Teachers are required to have permission from their schools to run a robotics program as a curriculum activity. Apply here »

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Currently Active Cities

Schools all around the world are participating in MicroGlobalScope. Click on the map to learn about each school and their city.

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