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September 23rd, 2013

Complete Program for Transnational Collaborative STEAM Education Summit

We are pleased to share with you the complete program for our upcoming conference next week on Transnational Collaborative STEAM Education. You can download the complete PDF here.

Our conference will be part of a week’s worth of an international festival of conferences on science and arts education around the world working to make concrete impact in the STEM field. We’re incredibly proud and excited about the international gathering keynote speakers – leaders of industry, policy and academia — who will be joining us to share their insights, wisdom and ideas.

Science House Foundation would like to extend special thanks to our grant supporters who have provided critical financial support to make it possible for many of these amazing speakers to join us. Lead supporters include: The Sarawak Convention Bureau, The Richard Lounsbery Foundation and The Ford Foundation.

October 26th, 2011

Interview: Jim Brazell on STEM Education and Innovation

What skills do students need for a 21st Century Workforce? How is STEM education meeting the needs of these demands? Are high schools and colleges collaborating well enough to provide a continuum of education for US students? What skills will students need to be a part of a globally collaborative community of workers? How can we get more kids and schools interested in Science? What is the role of design and the arts?

Science House Foundation begins a new podcast series today. Over the next few months we will feature interviews with innovators, educators, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists and designers around the world attempting to address these pressing questions.

Jim Brazell speaking about STEM Innovation

We begin our series with a conversation with technology and STEM education innovator Jim Brazell. Jim is a technology forecaster, strategist, and public speaker focusing on innovation and transformation.

When I first met Jim in 2009, he was one of the first people to argue that we need to add an “A” for “Arts education” to the increasingly popular STEM acronym, which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.” He also made a parallel argument that STEM education was our “Sputnik Moment,” the time for the US to rise to its next great challenge: Science and Arts education. Since then, Jim has worked tirelessly through speeches, books and essays to address this point. And he has added a new element: Design.

I spoke to Jim about the future of STEM education, robots, educating teachers, and how to create a culture of innovation in education in this installment of the Science House Foundation podcast series.

Science House Foundation: A Conversation with Jim Brazell about Innovation in STEM Education by ScienceHouseFdn

In a recent article for the League for Innovation in the Community College, Jim takes an applied approach to exploring how the arts can lead to innovation in science education. In his article, “Multiple Perspectives on 21st Century Skills, STEM, the Arts, and Educational Innovation—Voices of Change from the Trenches of P-20 Professional Development” he tells part of his story through a Haiku workshop he took his teachers and students through.

Between 2007 and 2010, Jim delivered over 100 speeches to audiences ranging from the 2009 inaugural NSF High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (Educating America’s Technical Workforce) to the International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation on energy policy in Norway in 2008 and solutions to the financial crisis in Portugal in 2009. Since 2005, Jim has served as a volunteer to the Defense Learning Strategies Consortium, NSF Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative, Texas STEM Action Committee (TBEC), Information Technology and Security Academy, San Antonio-Austin Nano-Bio-Tech Summit, and the San Antonio Cyber Security Action Team.

Included below are additional resources to some of Jim’s other presentations, which he has given us permission to post on this site.

The Art of the Future
The League: “Multiple Perspectives on 21st Century Skills, STEM, the Arts, and Educational Innovation—Voices of Change from the Trenches of P-20 Professional Development