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October 17th, 2010

Get involved in the Planet Checkup

The students and teachers from Ambridge PA all remember one evening in 2006 when black soot began raining from the sky, the result of a somewhat mysterious incident at a local power plant. The soot eventually abated, but left behind the idea that citizens, in particular students, ought to be able to find out what’s in the air they are breathing.

Earlier this year, a local teacher submitted a request for equipment to start such a project and together we are helping them to create a student environmental task force, capable of collecting accurate and independent results. So far the school has been monitoring ozone levels in the local area. See their results and blog here.

The Science House Foundation wishes to provide professional-level environmental monitoring equipment to other schools around the US and abroad. Is there an environmental investigation you want to carry out? What equipment would you love to have, but cannot afford with your school’s budget? Visit the Foundation’s Planet Checkup initiative and get in touch with us to share your ideas.