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Science House Foundation works in partnership with scientists and teachers to offer classroom science programs to schools around the world. Each program provides educational tools – such as microscopes, books or robotics kits – and engages students through challenges and lessons from renowned scientists. All participants play an active role in the program, contributing their findings, helping each other to solve problems, and even coming up with their own activities.

Our current projects explore microbiology, robotics and the environment. Applications for all programs are open year round. We are always looking for teachers with enthusiasm and imagination to get involved!

MicroGlobalScope donates microscopes to primary schools around the world and provides an online platform for students to share their findings. The project is designed for students in 5th to 7th grade and aims to bring kids from all around the world together, through a shared excitement for science and discovery. More »

Terrabotic is a global robotics project for high school students. Participating schools receive a class set of robotics kits to start a school robotics program and also become a part of a network of schools around the world. Via videoconferencing and the terrabotic blog, classes get together to attend virtual lessons, interact with experts in the field and collaborate with their peers around the world. More »

Planet Checkup puts environmental monitoring kits in the hands of students so that they can check the pulse of their local environment. Schools can apply to borrow a kit, or request equipment to carry out their own study, sharing their results on the Planet Checkup website and contributing to the nationwide checkup. More »

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Science House Foundation's mission is to bring the excitement of science to students all around the world.

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