SUBJECT: Environment
AGES: Middle school & High school
LOCATION: Throughout the US
REQUIREMENTS: A computer with internet, and enthusiasm!

Equipment schools receive:

  • Professional level environmental testing equipment

About Planet Checkup

Planet Checkup puts environmental monitoring kits in the hands of students around the country to keep the pulse of the air, waterways, and earth. Students carry out their own investigation, and share their results on the Planet Checkup website, comparing findings with other student groups aronud the country.

Who is the project for?

The project is for environmental science classes, or extracurricular science programs.

How does it work?

Visit the Planet Checkup website, and tell us what you want to investigate. If your project is selected, we’ll send you an environmental monitoring kit to carry out your study. The kits are recycled between schools every term.

Join the project

Science teachers are encouraged to apply. The Planet Checkup program is entirely free to participants.
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