Mission Statement

The Science House Foundation is dedicated to bringing the excitement of science to students around the world. The Foundation focuses its support in the following areas:

  • Connecting people, knowledge and ideas – We support programs that transcend the traditional walls of the classroom, sharing knowledge and ideas across the world. We are dedicated to reaching students who have limited access to educational opportunities. We help to develop programs that connect teachers and students together through global educational activities. We aim to bring science to everyone and to get the world excited about science!
  • Supporting gifted students – We support educational programs aimed at providing gifted science and mathematics students with opportunities to develop their skills and talent. We also assist top students around the world in accessing these programs.
  • Bringing science to underserved areas – We support organizations that bring science to underserved schools, and provide opportunities for students to get involved in science on an equitable basis.
  • Nurturing creativity and innovation – We support organizations that have creative and innovative ideas in science or mathematics education that will excite kids and inspire others around the world. We provide the support to enable passionate people with great ideas to get started.
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Where we are making a difference

Science House Foundation's mission is to bring the excitement of science to students all around the world.

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