SUBJECT: Microscopy
AGES: 10 – 13 (grade 5 – 7)
LOCATION: Worldwide
REQUIREMENTS: A computer with internet and enthusiasm!

Equipment schools receive:

  • Celestron and MiScope, books, slides and accessories

About MicroGlobalScope

MicroGlobalScope is a Science House Foundation/Biobus program that donates microscopes to primary schools around the world and provides an online platform for students to share their findings and learn from renowned biologists, zoologists, geologists and more.

Educational Advisors for MicroGlobalScope include Dr. Ben Dubin-Thaler of the BioBus, Dan Menelly, a National Science Foundation Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator of 2010, and a number of guests scientists.

Who is the project for?

The project is designed for students 10-13 years of age (5th-7th grade). The project can be carried out in class or as an afterschool program, under the direction of a class teacher.

How does it work?

Schools in the project will receive two different microscopes, the Celestron LCD Deluxe Digital Microscope (view) and the Zarbeco MiScope (view). These microscopes have been field-tested by the MicroGlobalScope team and chosen based on their ease of use, optical quality and versatility. Schools will also receive a Canon Powershot SD-780IS digital camera, microscopes slides and a number of books.

Every week a project is posted on the MicroGlobalScope website – such as a challenge to investigate the microbes found in pond water – and schools around the world are tasked collect samples from their local environment, examine them under the microscope, and note what they see.

With the supervision of a teacher, students post images/ videos they have taken with their microscope to the MicroGlobalScope website and discuss their findings with other schools around the world. Step-by-step instructions are given via online video lessons so that teachers and students can learn on the fly. No background knowledge in microscopy is necessary, just a desire to learn!

Join the project

Apply here to join the project. The MicroGlobalScope program is entirely free to participating classes – all that is required is a computer, an Internet connection and a teacher to lead the project.

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Currently Active Cities

Schools all around the world are participating in MicroGlobalScope. Click on the map to learn about each school and their city.

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