Our Grant Process

Phases in the Grant Process:

The following steps are involved in our grant process:

1. Submission of Grant Requests:
Those interested in requesting a grant from the Science House Foundation are encouraged to submit one or more requests. This can be done by filling in a grant request on our website. The requestor is asked to provide information about the project to be funded. These requests are automatically sent to Science House Foundation personnel for review.

2. Reviewing of Grant Requests: Each grant request is reviewed by the Foundation to determine whether it fits within the mission of the Foundation. A small team of people carefully reviews each application, and decides whether or not funds should be allocated to the project. In some cases we will ask follow up questions via email or phone to learn more about the project.
Notification of grant request approval or rejection will be made in writing within one month of receipt of all the grant application. Please note that since the Foundation receives funding requests in excess of what we can support, we must often decline support to worthy organizations and programs. Such a response does not reflect in any way a negative appraisal of the prospective organization or program.

3. Determining Funding Levels: While some requests will be fully funded by the Foundation, other requests may receive only partial funding. The Foundation typically makes grants between five hundred to five thousand dollars, though we may make larger grants depending on the scope of the project.

4. Post Grant Review:
All grantees are asked to provide a review of the project within 3-6 months after the grant funds have been received. Science House may periodically follow up to determine whether or not the grant has been effective, with a phone call, email, or even a site visit.

5. Process Feedback
Data from our post grant reviews is then fed back into the Grant Review Process. Those funded projects deemed to be a success are then given more weight when similar funding is requested in the future. Unsuccessful grants will result in similar projects being less likely to be funded in the future.

Applying for a Grant


    We accept grant applications from nonprofit organizations (including schools) both in the US and internationally. Our target is to make half our grants to projects outside the US.

    While we cannot guarantee that funding will be possible in all cases, we also consider applications from organizations that are not registered nonprofits.


    Please note that while there are no hard and fast rules as to what we will or will not fund, those projects that best inspire a passion for science among students will generally be received favorably. What is important is not so much your experience with philanthropic projects but the creativity that you apply to the project.