Science House Foundation Needs You! Help Power our work to change the lives of kids everywhere by empowering them with 21st Century jobs skills, helping to improve self esteem and stay in school. Any amount you donate will help.

Science House Foundation’s Points of Science includes three programs: MicroGlobalScope; Planet CheckUp; and Terrabotic.

MicroGlobalScope puts microscopy equipment in the hands of elementary schoolchildren;

Planet CheckUp is a citizen science journalism program that provides environmental testing kits to kids;

Terrabotic provides robotic kits to high schools around the world to help equip kids with the skills they need for tomorrow’s workforce.

The cost of equipment varies for each program. Your contribution will help cover not only the cost of equipment, but also the expansion of Points of Science as the program grows from 23 countries to every country in the world. The future of science is truly global. Thousands of scientists from hundreds of countries collaborate on projects such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and the Human Genome Project. Points of Science is our global effort to make science education accessible to every child on the planet.

Here’s how you can make a tax deductible contribution to support Science House Foundation (an international 501(c)3 charity dedicated to sparking the imaginations of children around the about the excitement of science and mathematics).

Any amount you donate will enable us to expand Points of Science to help kids stay in school, improve their self confidence and develop foundational skills to prepare them to be an active part of tomorrow’s global science workforce. Your support at any level will enable us to purchase and ship the equipment for each Points of Science location and expand our global network.

Donate Any Amount To significantly support specific programs:

$10-$100: Helps us buy necessary parts of our microscopy kits including petrie dishes, books and pipettes, for one school as part of our MicroGlobalScope program, which connects kids, teachers and scientists in the physical world and on our global websites.

$350: Buys a microscope, for one school as part of our MicroGlobalScope program, helping kids see the invisible world around them and their hidden potential within.

$1,000: Buys environmental testing equipment for our kid’s citizen journalism program, Planet Check-Up

$1,500: Buys one complete microscopy kit for one school as part of our MicroGlobalScope program, which connects kids, teachers and scientists in the physical world and on our global websites.

$5,000: School Sponsorship – funding for one Points of Science MicroGlobalScope grant in one school.

$10,000: Start a Robotics Program! Robotics is one of the most critical skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce. Robotics are to the 21st C. what typewriters and computer skills were to the 20th Century. Support our Terrabotic program by buying a complete robotics kit for a classroom anywhere in the world.
Points of Science Mentor Sponsorship – The development of Points of Science would not be possible without professional scientists collaborating with our young participants. Please consider supporting the participation of scientist mentors who can provide encouragement and guidance to the students. Your support will enable us to continue connecting scientists from all over the world to our network. Your donation will fund fellowships that will allow scientists to make time in their demanding schedule to mentor and inspire future scientists as well as provide curriculum guidance to science teachers.

Amount: $100 – $10,000