Science House Foundation a Spotlight Member of the Global Campaign for Education

Science House Foundation is a spotlight member of the Global Coalition for Education.

Science House Foundation is honored to be listed in this month’s Coalition Member Spotlight at the Global Campaign for Education – US. GCE-US is a consortium of NGOs headquartered in the United States who are focused on transforming the global education paradigm. Science House Foundation is committed to making education accessible to all and pleased to be partners with this venerable global education organization.

GCE-US promotes access to education as a basic human right and mobilizes the public to create political will in the U.S. and internationally to improve education for the world’s poorest children. As a coalition, GCE also works to promote the importance of pre-school education, prevent abusive child labor, increase adult literacy rates, and eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education.

Thank you, GCE-US!

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