Insects without Borders

From Warsaw, Poland to Michigan, USA


Lepisma saccharina

Stanislaw Staszics Primary School, Warsaw, Poland, November 2011

This week we received a rather unusual, but very exciting request. A Professor from the state of Michigan in the United States wrote Science House Foundation and asked us if he could use one of the pictures posted by our grantees in the Stanislaw Staszics Primary School in Warsaw, Poland. He works at the Microbiology department of the St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Medical Center, and is putting together an insect guide so that his students can learn about all the insects in an easier way.

We are so pleased that this student discovery will go on to help other students. One of the purposes of the MicroGlobalScope program is to create collaborative science learning experiences around microscopy. This takes that learning exchange to a new level.

Check out the teacher’s Thank You letter here.

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