SHF Joins the US Global Campaign for Education

Science House Foundation is pleased to be a new invited member of the US Global Campaign for Education. (The US Global Campaign for Education, = is part of the broader international organization, the Global Campaign for Education, headquartered in South Africa.)

We believe the objectives of the US GCE are complementary to the work and focus of Science House Foundation and we are happy to share them with you below.

Current Objectives of the U.S. Chapter of the Global Campaign for Education:

  • Making Education a Global Development Priority: The Obama Administration’s Global Development Strategy does not include education as a development priority. Achieving universal basic education is the key to success across all development sectors, and GCE-US is calling on the President to make education a global development priority.
  • Supporting the Education for All Act: The Education for All Act is a mechanism to increase access to schooling in poor countries and to improve the quality of education offered. The act calls on the US to support a multilateral education initiative like the Global Partnership for Education that is committed with realizing these important goals.
  • Securing U.S. Participation in a Multilateral Education Initiative: Currently, the U.S. funds global basic education efforts almost exclusively on a bilateral basis through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Coordinating aid through a multilateral education initiative like the Global Partnership for Education is smart aid, and results in more support for children, schools, and teachers in developing countries and better oversight of how funds are used. GCE-US urges the US Government to increase funding to the Global Partnership for Education.
  • Removing Barriers for Girls Secondary Education: Despite the fact that gains for investing in the education of women and girls grow with each year of school completed, girls continue to make up more than half of the out-of school children worldwide. At the secondary level, girls face barriers related to health and sanitation, causing many of them to drop out after enrolling. GCE-US advances policy that removes these barriers to secondary education for girls and allows them to achieve their full potential.
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