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February 14th, 2013

MicroGlobalScope and the Davidson Institute: Collaborating on International Science Education

One of Science House Foundation’s newest collaborators in 2012 was the Davidson Institute at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. The Davidson Institute has a series of science education programs for children in the region. We wanted to bring a cross-section of the children they work with into our MicroGlobalScope network, which is presently connecting kids, teachers and scientists in 25 countries. Science House Foundation provided two MicroGlobalScope kits to the Davidson Institute to provide to two different schools in Israel, one each Arabic and Hebrew-speaking. Our partnership with the Davidson Institute, as with many of our partners on the ground in countries augments our mission of sparking the imaginations of kids worldwide about the excitement of science by creating an additional layer of consistency and stability.

Dr. Ariel Heimann of the Davidson Institute gave a speech at Science House earlier this week and shared with us a report by Drs. Yossi Elran and Carmel Bar about how the past year went for them. We are pleased to share this with you. It provides an honest and accurate take on the first, year, including one of the challenges we face periodically, which is that technology sent halfway around the world can fail. In this case, the Celestron Microscope we purchased failed. Since it is an international shipment we have to purchase a new one. The challenges of running an international NGO is not without challenges.

We welcome your input. You an also support the work of Science House Foundation by helping us purchase microscopy kits. We invite you to donate today to help us change the lives of kids worldwide through science.