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January 28th, 2013

India’s Bhaiya Ram Munda Foundation Visits Science House

(R to L) Meenakshi Munda of Bhaiya Ram Munda Foundation, James Jorasch, Founder and Chairman, Science House Foundation, Pamela Kraft of Tribal Link.

Thanks to collaborator Pamela Kraft of Tribal Link for stopping by Science House Foundation today with Meenakshi Munda of the Bhaiya Ram Munda Foundation in India. Meenakshi is in New York City to speak to the United Nations about the indigenous people she works with in her region in the city of Jharkhand in Northeast India.

Meenaskhi, who is an anthropologist who is studying cross-cultural transitions in local religions and scientific interpretations of phenomenon, had just gotten off a plane after a 15 hour flight from Delhi and was preparing for a speech she would be giving at the United Nations on her work with Indigenous peoples of India. She stopped by our offices to share her story. She shared an interesting story about how local plants, including grass and leaves on trees, glow. People have added a spiritual value to something for which she is curious to determine the scientific origins.

We discussed synergies between the work of Meenakshi’s foundation to help K-12 kids in her region stay in school and that of Science House Foundation, which is working to get kids excited about science and mathematics as a way to help them get interested learning, stay in school, create 21st Century jobs skills and provide kids with new incentives to think about college and future work. We do this by providing teachers with science equipment and connecting them and their to our global digital network of scientists, teachers and students in 25 countries.

Meenakshi is collaborating with Tribal Link, which works independently and in coordination with the United Nations to connect indigenous people around the world.

We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation with Meenaskshi.