The Remarkable Story of Science Catalyzing Literacy in Brazil



One of the most exciting parts of Science House Foundation’s collaboration with LNBio, Brazil’s national biosciences laboratory, in the city of Campinas, was the placement of a new MicroGlobalScope grant at a local Non-Governmental Organization called Anhumas/Quero-Quero. MicroGlobalScope is a Science House Foundation program that provides complete microscopy kits to science teachers who work with 10-12 year old students and then connects them through a collaborative website.

The above video in Portuguese with English subtitles tells the story of a breakthrough moment where the combination of art with science inspired illiterate children from the slums of Brazil to ask to be taught to read and write. Science House Foundation uses microscopy as an opportunity not just to inspire kids to study science but also as a means to spark their curiosity about the hidden world around them — and the excitement of learning in general.

We hope you will enjoy this story as much as we did.

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