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May 10th, 2012

About the MicroGlobalScope Program

Inside the MicroGlobalScope kit, which is sent to our grantees, now in over 20 countries around the world.

The MicroGlobalScope program seeks to spark the imaginations of 10-12 year olds worldwide about the excitement of science and cultural collaboration. Founded in 2010 by Science House Foundation founder, James Jorasch, the program provides a complete microscopy kit (shown above) to qualified schools and science teachers. MicroGlobalScope operates in more than 20 countries. Participating teachers share student discoveries on a collaborative website. In this way, students learn that science is not only exciting, but collaborative.

Participating schools receive the following in their MicroGlobalScope kit:

  • Celestron LCD Deluxe Digital Microscope
  • Zarbeco MiScope<
  • Canon Powershot camera
  • 4G Memory Card
  • Plastic Pipettes
  • Glass slides
  • Plastic Cover Slips
  • Plastic Petri dishes

Teachers also receive a collection of microscopy books such as “Guide to Microlife” by Kenneth G. Rainis, and “The Usborne Complete Book of the Microscope: Internet Linked” by Kirsteen Rogers.

Learn more about the MicroGlobalScope program or apply for your school here.

Watch the story of our New York City grantee at the Henry Street School for International Studies.